A great event to be held for the gamblers by Yes8sg

By | January 30, 2020

cWorld’s no.1 online casino is going to conduct grand New Year celebration 2020


Singapore- In this New Year 2020, the joy for all is going to become quite double. This reason is simple Yes8sg a trusted online casino is going to organize a grand New Year celebration party with their existing players and new players. No doubt this event is going to be quite memorable for all clients that are linked with this best online casino site- Yes8sg. In fact for the participants there are going to be lots of exciting prizes and also for the participants’ attractive welcome bonus with greater opportunity to put hands on exciting gambling options will be available.

Among the paid ones, the winners will be selected and amazing rewards will be presented to those lucky personalities. But the participants will be qualified as per the set norms and will be selected and awarded. Also to add greater enthusiasm to the event 4 KOLs is invited specially by the online betting Singapore site Yes8sg for the customers. Those KOLs are coming to the event as an ambassador. Also, they are promising to make the event a lot more special and they will broadcast the videos of the occasion to their profiles of the social networking site. This way all the gambling game enthusiasts are going to get greater excitement and willingness to take part in the gambling games offered by Yes8sg.

Let us look at few highlights of the occasion-

  • Yes8sg is going to have the collaboration with KOLs
  • Greater warm greetings and wishing happy and prosperous New Year 2020 will be given to all visitors and existing gamers
  • Promotion on Chinese New Year 2020 is going to launch on KOL Instagram profile and also on the website of the best online gambling casino Yes8sg
  • The announcement of the winner be made and will be presented the amazing prizes to make the event everlasting
  • Special bonuses will be there for the gamers

The 4 KOLs (key opinion leaders) are going to come to the event to motivate the gamers towards online gambling. It is not the first time the Yes8sg is celebrating the New Year eve and inviting KOLs. Every time they conduct the event with new offers, new charming KOLs and with something new that earlier had not been bought by any other online gambling site. This time 4 best and smart personalities are going to come here on this occasion so to add greater excitement and enjoyment to the occasion. The reason to invite those leaders in the event is to encourage the people towards online gambling and let players create a greater opportunity to play and win.

Those leaders are sabee996 (https://www.instagram.com/sabee996/), tzeqian_c.c (https://www.instagram.com/tzeqian_c.c/), josephy_li (https://www.instagram.com/josephy_li/) and wenxian1015 (https://www.instagram.com/wenxian1015_/). These charming and super smart personalities are having their profile on Instagram with a huge number of followers and fan base. Of course, who is there that doesn’t like to meet and them and simply will let this golden opportunity easily run out of the hand?


So now only register yourself for the event before it gets too late or you easily missed out the opportunity and attend the event. In fact, to make it more exciting you can all your friends or colleagues. As they are going to make the event double exciting so who is there no willing to attend it and celebrate New Year 2020 with these leaders and social influencers and best online casino Yes8sg.

The event will be quite exciting as the winner will be getting amazing awards, the gambler will be getting greater bonuses. In fact, there are many hidden surprises for all winners and players too. The global gamers can become the part of this event. However to become a part of this event the players have to compulsorily register themselves on its official website with the proper deposit asked and get reserved for it.

Yes8sg is a remarkable, trusted online casino that is considered the best online casino by millions of players throughout the globe. Today this casino has won the heart of many gamblers and day by day the gamers are rising here at this platform at a faster rate. With this grand event, the casino will boost itself and will have more players in the future. So everyone would like to become a member of this No.1 online casino and have greater fun. Don’t miss the opportunity immediately register yourself and become a member and have lots and lots of enthusiasm either solo or with your buddies or colleagues.