How you may find a safe and secure Online Casino in Singapore?

By | September 2, 2020

In Singapore, online casino industry has been growing rapidly in the last decades since the casino industry has been digitalised. Today, there are many reliable and trusted online bookie, but still there are lots of frauds exist in gambling community by some fraud company.

In order to identify a trusted online betting website, this article will go through some of the requisite comprehensive analysis in order to determine which terms had been fulfilled by the online-casino company. Lastly, this article will then provide an absolute legit and reliable online betting company to the readers based on the above-mentioned analysis. 

Licensing & Legitimate

Licensing is a very crucial part for every online casino company, that licensing company would guarantees certain tights for players and keeps players in safe and secure. Without licensing of online gaming operation, the company would be seems as illegal operating and the company is breaching the regulations and challenging the local authority by its unlawful acts. 

Regular Audits 

A licensed online casino will regularly carry out the audits. Audits are usually carried out by the third party in order to auditing the funds of the company and how the online casino company managing the funds between the company and players.  

The Game Fairness & Algorithm

All the betting games should undergo comprehensive RNG testing in order to ensure the fairness of the games that the players would be treated fairly during the betting games. The chances of winning while in the game should be expected and the odds should be distributed reasonably. Additionally, algorithm of the games should constantly tested by the authority in order to produce and operate a legitimately and justly betting platforms. For instance, the local authority has encouraged the use of popular public domain RNG algorithm, such as SHA-1/2/3, Fortuna, ISAAC, and Mersenne Twister (MT).

Software Providers

A legit online casino company would collaborate with well-known and trusted software and gaming providers in order to reach an truly fairness betting platforms for the players.

Deposit & Withdrawals 

An legitimate and reliable online-casino company should ensure the method of payment gateway shall completely secure and convenience. Online betting platforms need to using the latest security protocols to protect players’ money and personal details. In terms of secure, the online casino dealer should use the top levels of SSL encryption technology and DMCA Protection system to embed into the system. 


The gaming platforms could be owned by a giant gaming group within the regions and the company is respected in the relevant industry. Therefore, the well-known online betting companies could be ‘served first’ to the players. As players are using real money transaction in dealing with online bookies, thus it is highly recommended that players should conduct some research of the fresh company’s background before enter into the new gambling websites. 

Hfive5 – The Truly Legit Online-Betting and Sportsbook Bookie In Singapore

Since 2010, Hfive555 been established in multiple countries in South-East Asia. The company was first launching in Singapore and Hfive5 start expanding its online-betting websites across Asia in just a short period.

While the digital era has transform the majority of the industry in South-East Asia, Hfive5 group realised that the gambling industry should be follow the steps of ‘Digital Transformation’ in the last decades. Luckily, the director of the Hfive5 group has chosen to board the ship of ‘Digital Era’, and therefore now the online bookie Hfive555 has become one of the leading online casino across the Asia.

Importantly, Hfive5 casino is a licensed and registered online casino in South-East Asia, thus players would stress-free while betting on

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Hfive5 group own a very strong and sophisticated team to operate the whole betting website, where players can absolutely experience the best customer services, platform, responsive financial and technical enquiries on

In regards of all gambling regulations in Singapore, Hfive5 online betting website has fulfilled the Singapore online casino laws and regulations. In addition, Hfive5 group is also associated with the BeGambleAware Organisation to promote the ethic of ‘responsible gambling’.

As known, online casino and online betting is strictly restricted in Singapore, but Hfive5 group is one of the best online casino who achieve multiple awards on legit bookie and trusted casino dealer in Singapore.

Hfive5 online betting website has collaborated with various well-known tech and betting company, where Hfive5 online betting website is currently powered by many popular comps in order to provide a faultless betting platforms and remarkable gaming experiences to the players. For instances, the well-known online casino gaming developers are providing the best gaming platforms to Hfive5, such as Playtech, Asia Gaming, Allbet, and others. 

With Hfive5, players are able to enjoy the excitement of gaming experiences with worry-free condition. Hfive5 is working close and obey every single acts and regulation with local authority, especially data protection principles. Every single players who browse on will not be unfairly tracked by Hfive5 group. Hfive5 online casino is very concerned of their customers’ privacy and all the information will be used fairly, lawfully, and transparently.

Therefore, players can absolutely betting on with hassel-free. Hfive5 online-casino will ensure their customers are fully protected within the website and handle any precautions that ensures appropriate security, including the protection against unlawful or unauthorised accessing, process, loss, damage, or destruction.